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Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo Shoots Bamboo Shoots
Bamboo Shoots Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo Shoots: The edible young shoots of the bamboo stalk, this sliced bamboo is prized for its light crunch, and its versatile, mildly woody flavor. Found throughout Chinese cuisines, bamboo adds bite to stir-fries and noodle dishes.

You can buy fresh shoots at some Chinese markets, but you must boil them first to rid them of hydrocyanic acid, a toxin that causes cyanide poisoning. Canned shoots are safer and more widely available. Rinse them well before using. Submerge any unused shoots in fresh water and store them in a sealed container in the refrigerator, changing the water daily.

Nicholas Zhou (Author of "
Real & Healthy Chinese Cooking") recommends you buy bamboo shoots from the following source.

Buy Bamboo Shoots



Minced Ginger Ground Ginger
Ginger Powder Pickled Ginger


Ginger: With its sweet yet pungent flavor, ginger has become a mainstay of many of the world's cuisines. European cooks like to use dried, ground ginger to flavor gingerbread and other baked goods. Asian and Indian cooks prefer their ginger fresh, and they use it in spicy sauces and stir-fries. Ginger not only tastes good, it's also believed to have medicinal properties, and people sometimes use it to soothe their upset stomachs and boost their energy.

Nicholas Zhou (Author of "
Real & Healthy Chinese Cooking") recommends you buy ginger from the following source. You may try the following 6 searches:

Minced Ginger / Ground Ginger / Sliced Ginger

Ginger Powder

Pickled Ginger

Ginger Preserve

Ginger (All)



Mushrooms: Chinese cooks use various kinds of mushrooms in their daily cooking: button mushrooms, fresh mushrooms, dried mushrooms, straw mushrooms, etc.

Nicholas Zhou (Author of "
Real & Healthy Chinese Cooking") recommends you buy mushrooms from the following source. Dynasty, Epicurean, Grand Western and Pacific Rim Gourmet are some good brands.

Buy Mushroom


Water Chestnut

Water Chestnuts

Water Chestnuts: Water chestnut is actually the edible root of a water plant, used widely in Chinese cooking. These sliced, canned water chestnuts have a tender crunch, and a mild, slightly sweet flavor. Their versatile flavor make water chestnuts extremely useful; their light crunch varies the texture of soups and stir-fries.

Nicholas Zhou (Author of "
Real & Healthy Chinese Cooking") recommends you buy water chestnuts from the following source.

Buy Water Chestnuts




Longan: The longan (Longyan; Cantonese long-ngan; literally "dragon eye") is an evergreen tree native to southeast Asia from southern China south to Indonesia.

The fruit is edible, and is often used in East Asian soups, snacks, desserts, and sweet-and-sour foods. They are round with a thin, brown-colored inedible shell. The flesh of the fruit, which surrounds a big, black seed, is white, soft, and juicy.

Longans and lychees come out in around the same time of the year. Dried longan are often used in Chinese food therapy and herbal medicine. It is considered to possess a nourishing property.

Nicholas Zhou (Author of "
Real & Healthy Chinese Cooking") recommends you buy Longans from the following source.

Buy Longans




Lychee (Litchi) : Lychee is a tropical fruit tree native to southern China, where it is known as Lizhi, south to Indonesia and east to the Philippines, where it is known as Alupag.

Lychees are commonly sold fresh in Chinese markets (and in recent years, also widely in western supermarkets). The red rind turns dark brown when the fruit is refrigerated, but the taste is not affected. It is also sold canned year-round.

There is a Cantonese saying: "one lychee = three torches of fire". It refers to the extreme Yang property of the fruit. Over-consumption of lychees is reported to lead to dried lips and nosebleeds in some people. By contrast, the related longan fruit is purported to have a nourishing property.

Nicholas Zhou (Author of "
Real & Healthy Chinese Cooking") recommends you buy lychees from the following source.

Buy Lychees


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