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Bang Bang Chicken


Bean Curd Cocoons


Bean Curd in Sauce


Bean Curd with Fresh



Beef with Satin Eggs


Boiled Dumplings


Braised Beef


Cabbage-Wrapped Pork



Chinese Wolf-berries and White Fungus


Creamy Curried Chicken


Crossing-the-Bridge Noodles


Deep-Fried Beef or Mutton Rolls


Dry-Fried Pork Filet


Egg Bubble Soup


Egg-Drop Soup


Five-Colored Fish Shreds


Five-Spice Flavored Spareribs


Fragrant Creamed Hairtail


Fried Bamboo Shoots


Honey Sesame Tenderloin


Hot and Sour Beef Soup


Juicy Steamed Dumplings


Marinated Carrot Shreds


Oil-Braised Prawn


Peaches in Syrup


Pearly Pork Balls


Pomegranate-Shaped Dumplings


Pork Balls in Clear Broth


Prawn Goldfish


Quick-Boiled Fish Slices

Quick-Fried Hot Diced Chicken

Roast Mutton Kebabs

Salt and Pepper Spareribs

Sauteed Dumplings

Shredded Pork

Spicy Fragrant Mung Bean Sprouts

Steamed Carp

Steamed Carp in Egg Custard

Steamed Chicken with Oyster Sauce

Steamed Egg Custard

Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Eggs

Stewed Beef Strips


Stir-fried Chicken Shreds with Jellyfish


Stir-fried Diced Pork with Peanuts


Stir-fried Egg Floss


Stir-fried Milk


Stuffed Apples


Sweet and Sour Spareribs


Twice-Cooked Pork 


White Fungus Soup


White Gourd Soup with Dried Shrimps










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Recipe List

Chinese Cookbook: Real & Healthy Chinese Cooking

Nicholas Zhou's No. 1 Best-Selling Chinese Cookbook:
Real & Healthy
Chinese Cooking



Our recipes include chicken recipes, beef recipes, pork recipes, soup recipes, vegetarian recipes, fish recipes, dumpling recipes and many more. If you are looking for healthy recipes, low fat recipes, authentic Chinese recipes, you are in the right place.

The following is the complete recipe list in ChineseFoodDIY's cookbook "Real and Healthy Chinese Cooking".

All Purpose Sauce
Almond Boneless Chicken
Almond Chicken
Almond Cookies
Almond Float
Ants Climbing a Tree
Apples in Spun Syrup
Asian Style Snap - Orange Almond Biscuit
Asian Style Roast Pork Tenderloin
Asian Vinaigrette
Asparagus with Cashews

Baby Back Ribs
Bang Bang Chicken
Barbecued Spareribs
Baked Chicken Chow Mein
Baked Hoisin Sauce Chicken Wings
Baked Lamb Cutlets in Honey Sesame Marinade
Barbecued Pork with Hoisin Sauce
Basic Chinese Yeast Dough
BBQ Pork
BBQ Pork Lo Mein
Bean Curd Casserole
Bean Curd Cocoons
Bean Curd in Sauce
Bean Curd in Sesame Paste
Bean Curd with Crab
Bean Curd with Fresh Shrimps
Bean Curd with Mushrooms and Oyster Sauce
Bean Curd Rolls with Seaweed
Beef and Peppers in Black Bean Sauce
Beef and Snow Peas in Oyster Sauce
Beef and Tofu
Beef and Vegetables
Beef Braised in soy sauce
Beef Fried Rice
Beef Lo Mein
Beef Satay
Beef Stew
Beef Stir Fry with Tri-Color Peppers
Beef Teriyaki (Hawaii)
Beef with Assorted Vegetables
Beef with Broccoli
Beef with Broccoli and Vegetables
Beef with Chestnut Stew
Beef with Red Onions
Beef with Satin Eggs
Beef with Spicy Black Bean Sauce
Beef with String Beans
Beef with Three Vegetables
Beef with Tomatoes
Beggar's Chicken
Beijing Hot Pot
Bird's Nest Soup with Rock Sugar
Boiled Beef
Boiled Dumplings (Jiaozi)
Bok Choy Chicken Stir-fry in Garlic Sauce
Bon Bon Chicken
Bow Thai Pasta with Shrimp
Bow Ties
Braised Assorted Fungus
Braised Bean Curd
Braised Beef (Shanxi styple)
Braised Beef and Potatoes
Braised Beef with Bamboo Shoots (Chengdu-Sichuan)
Braised Chicken
Braised Chicken with Chestnuts
Braised Chinese Cabbage and Asparagus
Braised Chinese Cabbage with Shrimps
Braised Creamed Cabbage
Braised Eggplant
Braised Fish with Garlic
Braised Fresh Ham with Rock Sugar
Braised Hairtail in soy sauce
Braised Prawns
Braised Prawn (Shanghai style)
Braised Turtle in soy sauce
Brown Sauce
Bubble Tea
Buns (Basic Recipe)

Cabbage-Wrapped Pork Rolls
Cabbage with Chinese Sausage
Candied Banana Fritters
Cantonese Spring Rolls
Cashew Chicken
Cashew Chicken Chop Suey
Cauliflower with Chinese Ham
Char Kway Teo
Char Siu - Honey Roasted Pork
Chengdu Chicken
Chiang Mai Steaks
Chicken and Pea Pods
Chicken and Spinach Soup
Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry
Chicken Chop Suey
Chicken Chow Mein
Chicken Glazed in Bean Sauce
Chicken in Green Curry
Chicken in Oyster Sauce
Chicken Salad Recipe
Chicken Stock
Chicken Velvet Soup
Chicken Wings in Five Spice
Chinese Chicken Wings with Oyster Sauce
Chicken with Almonds
Chicken with Green and Red Peppers
Chicken with Orange Peel (Szechuan Style)
Chicken with Walnuts
Chicken Wontons
Chilled Berry Tea
Chili Oil
Chinese Black Pepper Steak
Chinese Cabbage Soup with Dried Shrimps
Chinese Carrot and Mushroom Stir-Fry
Chinese Chicken Stuffed Peppers
Chinese Clay-Pot Beef
Chinese Cola Pepper Steak
Chinese Crullers
Chinese Dry Marinade
Chinese Duck Soup
Chinese Greens in Oyster Sauce
Chinese Marinated Pork
Chinese Noodle Salad
Chinese Pepper Steak
Chinese Pork with Eggplant
Chinese Salad
Chinese Steamed Fish
Chinese-Style Ribs
Chinese Tofu Stir-Fry
Chinese Sponge Cake and Coconut Icing
Chinese Style Roast Turkey
Chinese Wolf-berries and White Fungus
Chinese Yams in Spun Syrup
Chinese Yams in Syrup
Clam Sycee
Clear Prawn Soup with Lemongrass
Coconut Ice Cream
Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce
Crab Rangoon
Crabmeat Ragoon
Crab Puffs - Crab Rangoon
Cream Corn Soup
Creamy Baihe
Creamy Curried Chicken
Creamy Tomatoes
Crisp-Fried Duck
Crisp-fried Gow Gees
Crisp-Fried Mutton
Crossing-the-Bridge Noodles
Crunchy Stir-fried Kelp
Crystalline Walnut Halves
Curried Beef
Curry Chicken in Clay Pot
Curry Chicken with Rice

Deep-Fried Bean Curd
Deep-Fried Beef or Mutton Rolls
Deep-Fried Carrot Floss
Deep-Fried Crisp Peanuts
Deep-Fried Dough Sticks
Deep-Fried Fresh Ham
Deep-Fried Fresh Shrimps
Deep-Fried Mandarin Fish
Deep-Fried Mutton
Deep-Fried Potato Balls
Deep-fried Prawn Patties
Deep-Fried Stuffed Green Peppers
Deep-Fried Stuffed Lotus Roots
Deep-Fried Tofu Triangles
Deep-Fried Watermelon
Deep-fried Yellow Croaker with Sweet-and-Sour Sauce
Delicacies in Clear Broth
Dinner Buns with Coconut Milk
Dofu Fa (Soybean Jelly)
Drunken Chicken
Drunken Fresh Shrimps
Dry-Fried Hairtail
Dry-Fried Pork Filet
Dry-Fried Yellow Croaker
Dry Garlic Spareribs
Duck Rolls
Durian Ice Cream

Egg Bubble Soup
Egg Custard Tarts
Egg-Drop Soup
Egg Dumplings
Egg Foo Yung - Family Style
Egg Fu Yung - Restaurant Style
Egg Foo Yung with Shrimp
Egg Pancake
Eggplant Shu Mai
Egg Rolls
Egg Roll Wrappers
Eight Precious Pudding
Esi Fafao

Fish and Vegetables
Fish with Hot Sauce
Five-Colored Fish Shreds
Five-Spice Flavored Spareribs
Flower Scallion Rolls
Four Happiness Pork Balls
Fragrant Creamed Hairtail
Fried Bamboo Shoots
Fried Chicken with Cashew Nuts
Fried Lettuce
Fried Mock Oyster
Fried Rice
Fried Rice Stuffing
Fried Rice with Shrimp
Fried Won Tons

Gado Gado Salad with Peanut Dressing
Garlic Chicken
Garlic Scallops
Garlic-Stewed Sparerib Nuggets
General Tso's Chicken
Ginger Beef
Ginger Ice Cream
Ginger-Soy Fried Flounder
Golden Meat-Filled Coins
Governors Chicken
Green Dumplings
Green Tea Cakes
Gyoza - Japanese Potstickers

Hainanese Chicken Rice
Ham-Stuffed Pastries
Hand-Pulled Noodles
Happy Union
Har Gow
Hawaiian Luau Barbecued Beef Ribs
Hoisin Dipping Sauce
Honey Beef Stir-fry
Honey Garlic Barbecue Pork/Spareribs
Honey Pear Ham
Honey Sesame Tenderloin
Honey Walnut Prawns
Hot and Sour Beef Soup
Hot and Sour Cabbage
Hot and Sour Shrimp Lo Mein
Hot and Sour Soup
Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup
Hot and Spicy Chicken
Hot Bananas with Cinnamon Coconut Sauce
Hot Mustard
Hot Pepper and Black Bean Sauce
Hot Pepper Oil
Hot Pepper Squid
Hunan Lamb
Hunan Tea Smoked Duck

Imperial Rolls (Cha Gio)

Jiaozi - Chinese Dumplings
Juicy Steamed Dumplings

Kung Pao Chicken (Stir-fry)
Kung Pao Shrimp
Lemon Chicken
Lemon Chicken (Steamed)
Lemon Chicken (Vietnam)
Lettuce Wraps
Lion's Head Meatballs
Lobster Cantonese
Lobster Sauce
Longevity Noodles
Lotus Seeds in Sugar Syrup
Lotus Wraps

Mah Gu Gai Pin
Mandarin Pancakes
Mango Ice Cream
Mango Pudding
Ma Po Tofu - Ma Po Dofu
Marinated Cabbage
Marinated Carrot Shreds
Marinated Three Shreds
Mashed Eggplant
Match Stick Chicken (Hot Chicken Salad)
Mini Spring Roll Recipe
Mock Crab Claws
Mock Fish Eggplants
Mongolian Beef with Vegetables
Mongolian Hot Pot
Mongolian Lamb with Scallions
Mongolian Style Roast Lamb
Moo Goo Gai Pan
Mutton Tarts
Muxi Pork

Nian Gao - Chinese New Year Cake
Noodles with Fried Bean-Paste Sauce
Noodles with Meat Sauce Mixture

Oil-Braised Prawns
Orange Beef
Orange Chicken
Orange Chicken with Red Chiles
Oriental Apricot Chicken
Oriental Pat
Oyster Sauce
Oyster Sauce Chicken

Pancake with Egg Filling
Panfried Noodles
Pan Fried Chicken Sandwiches
Paper-wrapped Chicken
Peaches in Syrup
Peanut Sauce - Chinese-Style
Peanut Sticky Rice
Pearly Pork Balls
Peddler's Hot and Spicy Noodles (Dandan Noodles)
Peking Duck
Peking Dust
Peking Style Sauce
Peppery-Hot Mutton
Peppery-Hot Pork Slices
Pho Bo Beef Noodle Soup
Pickled Carrots
Piquant Chicken
Plum Sauce
Pomegranate-Shaped Dumplings
Popped Rice with Shrimp
Pork and Bamboo Shoots
Pork and Shrimp Wonton
Pork Balls in Clear Broth
Pork or Beef Chop Suey
Pork Shu Mai
Pork Stuffed Mo Qua (Fuzzy Melon)
Pork with Lychees
Potsticker Dipping Sauce
Prawn Goldfish
Princess Chicken

Quick and easy Turkey Stir-Fry
Quick-Boiled Fish Slices
Quick-Fried Hot Diced Chicken
Quick Stir-Fried Cabbage

Raindrop Soup
Raspberry Almond Float
Red Bean Paste
Red Bean Soup
Red Snapper and Scallops in Lemongrass Coconut Curry
Roast Mutton Kebabs
Roast Turkey
Royal Concubine Chicken

Salt and Pepper Mix
Salt and Pepper Spareribs ?Shanghai Style
Salt and Pepper Spareribs
Salty Soybean Milk Soup
Sate Beef
Sauteed Beef Strips
Sauteed Chicken Chengdu Style
Sauteed Dumplings (Guotie or Pot Stickers)
Sauteed Prawns with Tomato Sauce
Sauteed Shrimp with Hot Sauce
Scallops with Steamed Egg White
Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes
Sea Cucumbers and Pigeon Eggs
Sesame Beef Filet
Sesame Broiled Whitefish
Sesame Chicken
Sesame Seed Balls
Sesame Seed Fried Custard
Shanghai Pan-Fried Noodles
Shanghai Stir-fried Noodles
Shredded Pork
Shredded Pork with Peking Sauce or Hot Bean Paste
Shrimp and Scallop Shiu Mai in Spicy Mango Sauce
Shrimp Balls
Shrimp Noodles
Shrimp Toast
Shrimp with Green Tea Leaves
Sichuan Chile Sauce
Simmered Oxtail
Singapore Noodles with Barbequed Pork
Singapore Noodles with Shrimp
Sizzling Rice Soup
Slivered Mutton with Young Ginger
Soft-fried Mushrooms
Soy and Ginger Dressing
Soy Bean Soup with Pork Cubes
Soy Mushroom Chili Sauce
Soy sauce Chicken
Sparerib Soup
Spareribs with Black Bean Sauce
Spicy Bean Curd
Spicy Chicken Wing
Spicy Chili Mango Sauce
Spicy Cucumbers
Spicy Eggplant
Spicy Fragrant Mung Bean Sprouts
Spicy Spareribs
Spicy Tofu Stir-fry
Sponge Cake
Spring Onion Hotcake (Scallion Pancakes)
Spring Roll
Spunky Stir-fried Ramen
Steamed Beef ( Szechuan Style )
Steamed Buns with Barbecued Pork Filling
Steamed Carp
Steamed Carp in Egg Custard
Steamed Chicken
Steamed Chicken with Oyster Sauce
Steamed Chinese Fruit Cake
Steamed Crystal-filled Dumplings
Steamed Custard
Steamed Egg Custard
Steamed Eggplant
Steamed Lotus Buns
Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Eggs
Steamed Pork Balls
Steamed Pork with Fermented Bean Curd (Suzhou Style)
Steamed Pork with Fermented Bean Curd (Guangzhou Style)
Steamed Pork with Spiced Rice Flour
Steamed Port Dumplings
Steamed Spareribs
Steamed Yunnan Ham
Stewed Beef
Stewed Beef Strips
Stewed Chicken Drumsticks
Stewed Mutton Slices
Stewed Turtle
Stir-fried Baby Bok Choy
Stir-fried Bean Curd with Mushrooms and Oyster Sauce
Stir-fried Bean Sprouts
Stir-fried Beef with Oyster Sauce
Stir-fried Bitter Melon
Stir-fried Broccoli, Hong Kong Style
Stir-fried Chicken Cubes with Scallions and Peppercorns
Stir-fried Chicken Shreds with Jellyfish
Stir-fried Chicken with Mango
Stir-fried Diced Pork with Peanuts
Stir-fried Eels
Stir-fried Egg Floss
Stir-fried Fish Cubes
Stir-fried Fish Fillets
Stir-fried Green Peppers
Stir-fried Hot Diced Pork
Stir-fried Lamb Kidney, Liver and Filet
Stir-fried Milk
Stir-fried Mock Eel
Stir-fried Mung Bean Sprouts with Chives
Stir-fried Noodles with Chicken
Stir-fried Pork Cubes with Green Peppers
Stir-fried Pork in Hoisin Sauce
Stir-fried Pork Slices with Scallions
Stir-fried Pork Slivers with Ginger
Stir-fried Pork String with Hot Sauce
Stir-fried Pork Tenderloin in Plum Sauce
Stir-fried Shredded Potatoes
Stir-fried Shrimp with Lobster Sauce
Stir-fried Soy Bean Sprouts
Stir-fried Spicy Sweet Potatoes
Stir-fried Spinach (Shanghai Style)
Stir-fried Spinach with Ginger and Almonds in Miso Dressing
Stuffed Apples
Stuffed Green Peppers
Sun Ya Fried Rice
Sweet Almond Sauce
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Sweet and Sour Fish
Sweet and Sour Fish Sauce
Sweet and Sour Pork
Sweet and Sour Pork (American-style)
Sweet And Sour Prawns
Sweet and Sour Sauce (with brown sugar)
Sweet and Sour Sauce (with black rice vinegar)
Sweet and Sour Sauce (with Worcestershire sauce)
Sweet and Sour Sauce Pineapple Chicken
Sweet and Sour Shredded Lotus Roots
Sweet and Sour Spareribs
Sweet and Sour Vegetables
Sweetened Dough Twists
Sweet Marinated Lotus Roots
Sweet Potatoes in Syrup
Sweet Red Bean Paste Pancakes
Sweet Soybean Milk
Syrup-Coated Peanuts
Szechuan Chicken
Szechuan Guacamole
Szechuan Noodles
Szechuan Pepper Oil
Szechuan Pickle
Szechuan Style Squid

Tangerine Duff
Tea Eggs
Tender-fried Fish Slices
Tender Stewed Beef
Thick & Creamy Pineapple Tofu Shake
Thousand Corner Shrimp Balls
Three-Flavored Lo Mein
Three Fruits in Syrup
Three Pepper Chile Steak
Tofu Italian
Tomato Egg Drop Soup
Tomatoes in Sugar Syrup
Twice-Cooked Pork

Ultimate Chicken Stir-fry

Vegetable Potstickers
Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls
Vegetarian Chow Mein
Vegetarian Country Stew
Vegetarian Eight Treasures
Vegetarian Ham
Vegetarian Sweet and Sour Spareribs
Vegetarian Summer Rolls
Vegetarian Wontons

Walnut Cookies
Walnut Porridges
Water Chestnut Appetizer
Watermelon with Sauce
West Lake Beef Soup
Whiskey Chicken
White-Boiled Pork with Mashed Garlic
White Fungus Peony Flowers
White Fungus Soup
White Fungus with Rock Sugar
White Gourd Soup with Dried Shrimps
Winter Melon Soup
Won Ton Soup
Wonton Wrappers

Xinjiang Lamb and Chile Grill
XO Sauce

Yangchow Fried Rice
Yuanbao Pork
Yuanxiao Chinese Dumplings

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